Monday, April 2, 2012

Back from Spring Break...and Loving Crazy Professor!!!!!

Well...I knew coming back from Spring Break it would be hard to get my students going. I scheduled Crazy Professor Reading Game as an activity for today. To say the least, they are loving it. There is a youtube video that my students are really into right now, so to help them understand "dramatic" reading, I acted the video out with them :) I love Whole Brain....

Just a few pointers for Crazy Professor...
1. I wait until students are comfortable with mirror and gestures before I introduce this activity.
2. I laminate the handout for a reference.
3. I introduce it a couple of steps at a time (parts 1-4) first and so on until they get the hang of it.


  1. After looking at this video I just picture your classroom being SO much fun! That is so awesome that you are making learning relevant for your students. If I had a teacher when I was younger that had included things like that it would have been hilarious! Good job :)

  2. Which handout are you referring to? (the one you mention laminating)