Monday, March 12, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching & Social Skills!!!!!

There is an increasing demand for positive social skills in the work place, but many of our students are lacking just that. The following is a list of what employers seek in order of importance:

1. Communication skills (verbal and written)
2. Honesty/integrity
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Motivation/initiative
5. Strong work ethic
6. Teamwork skills
7. Analytical skills
8. Flexibility/adaptability
9. Computer skills
10. Detail oriented
11. Leadership skills
12. Organizational skills
13. Self-confidence
14. Friendly/outgoing personality
15. Tactfulness
16. Well-mannered/polite
17. Creativity
18. GPA
19. Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker
20. Sense of humor

As I read over this list I found it funny that GPA was listed at number 18. As teachers, we have to remember that we are responsible for much more than content. We have to produce students who have desirable social skills.

I want to encourage each of you to incorporate cooperative learning with your Whole Brain instruction.  Emotional intelligence -EQ predicts a successful life better than IQ. Focus on building your student's ability to be kind, polite, responsible, and respectful.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I love whole brain teaching! It has changed my classroom!


  2. I am glad to hear that! If you have any questions let me know. Have you checked out the website

  3. I have its such a great resource! I stopped back by to award you with the Lovely Blog Award! Come check it out!