Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What about...Whole Brain Teaching Lesson Plans?!!!!!!

This lesson plan was posted to the Whole Brain Teaching Website by Jeff Battle. Thanks Jeff!
Remember that WBT is meant to be flexible based on what you need it to do. The following is a modified version of the 5 Step Model that I use with my 8th graders:

First: Intro new vocabulary, or review vocabulary from yesterday, Teach-OK (5 min)

Second: Main Topic (10-12 minutes)

  • Introduce topic (2-3 min)
  • Have class talk with partners and decide the two most important points. (1 min)
  • Have them explain why that is most important, agree or disagree, support your opinion with facts. Class discussion. (5 min)
  • Microlecture/Teach-OK the results (1-3 min)
  • Take notes, with the partners on the important points. (1 min)

Third: Video clip, review game, lab, or activity, review a previous lesson with them doing some of the teaching, quiz, individual or small group work. Anything that is a little different (10-12 min)

Fourth: Continue main topic, or introduce the next one, same steps as above under Second. (10-12 min)

Fifth: Have them use the two topics you have introduced, and combine them to show the connections. Use foldables, thinking maps, science journals, graphs whatever you like. Small group work. Take up the results for anyone who is finished. Anyone who is not it is homework due tomorrow morning. (10-12 min)

Sixth: Review the connections made in Fifth, Teach-OK! Review connections. Use one of the activities you did not use in THIRD and finish out the last few minutes. This is assuming hour long classes.

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