Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What about...Whole Brain Teaching Model Classroom Instructions?

If you’re new to Whole Brain Teaching and would like to set up your classroom WBT Style for next

year… check out the WBT Model Classroom free download!!!!!
(Summarized by Deb Weigel) Let's begin with the basics:

1. Post the 5 rules. They need to be visible all year long, as integrating the rules throughout instruction, to manage behavior, is a key to being successful with WBT.
2. Arrange your classroom furniture to readily equip students to partner. "Teach, OK" is the bread and butter of WBT, and you don't want your students to have to get up out of their seats every 3-5 minutes to teach their partner. You may have a few students who need a space to himself/herself, but overall, arrange seating in partners.
3. Plan where the most convenient place for your scoreboard is. My master scoreboard was in the front of the room, on my whiteboard, for the entire year. I used mini scoreboards during small group, carpet time, etc, and the tally marks were always transferred to the master scoreboard. Don't worry, your students will remind you to record the score, if you forget! That could even become a leadership responsibility!
4. A wall for power pix (WBT's concept pictures and definitions, aligned with the standards). By posting the power pix in a grid formation, you can readily provide coordinates, and students review that concept. Even first graders can be trained to locate "G5, G6, G7, and G8", or "all the pix in row F". My students said power pix review was like the game "Battleship"! You want to plan out the space now, but you will post the concepts as you present them.
5. A spot for "Sentence Ladder". This is one of our newest WBT tools to incorporate oral language development and scaffold that learning into writing sentences. You will find detailed information on the Sentence Ladder, in our ebook, "WBT Model Classrooms", available as a free download.

Coming Soon… Any Teacher's Top Ten- My Classroom Management System and decorating ideas for your 2011-2012 classroom.


  1. Can't wait to see this. I need any advice and help I can get.

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