Friday, November 4, 2011

What about...Super Improvers?!!!!!!

So, I was thinking after my last post on "R-E-F-R-E-S-H" - what new aspect do I need to add to my room. Duh...*brain hurting*, I need to incorporate my Super Improver wall. I have a "Wall of Fame" because my room is basketball themed, now it is the "Wall of Fame: Super Improvers". I am really excited about this aspect of WBT because many of my students are low performing and get discouraged about the difficulty of the work. This way, *sitting on the edge of my seat*, I can reward them for beating their own records!!!!

So, if you have not incorporated this idea into your classroom, you can find it in the WBT Model Classroom Download.

Key Points:
*Based on student improvement rather than only academic excellence.
*Every child, in every way, can grow.
* Improvement opportunities- five rules, teaching neighbors, responding to scoreboard, procedures, good manners.

1. Notice improvement: name goes on wall
2. Continue to add stars
3. 5 stars = something special.

My something special: (taken from WBT Model Classroom)
1. Take photo of student with a friend, encourage silly faces.
2. Hang picture on wall to replace name, pic side not showing.
3. Place stars on picture.
4. 5 stars = picture turned around... student is not a "Student Leader"!!!!!!
5. This student can lead several different activities in the class.

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