Thursday, August 18, 2011

What about... My First Day Back Whole Brain Teaching STYLE????!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! Whole Brain Teaching to the rescue for dull school days! My first day was awsome. I covered the Rules/Routine/Procedures on the first half day and I will continue that for 3 weeks. But... today was my first whole day and I introduced the gestures for the rules as well as -Class/Yes and Mirror.

I found it easier to get them warmed up by using the rules as my opening act. The best part- they were like "Who is this woman and why is she so crazy!" They didn't say it but I could see it on their little faces.

I started by getting them to say "Oh Yeah" with me while we rubbed our hands together. They giggled and it made them more comfortable.

Next I brought in the Rules. After I went through each rule, I paused dramatically and spoke in a calm low voice explaining what was going to happen to those students who were not participating. (There were a couple, I didn't correct it at first, I just noted it out loud that they were not participating. I did it in a playful way). I did this to let everyone notice who it was that wasn't participating.

I introduced the Scoreboard at that time. I connected it to HW from our workbook and explained how much easier it would be to participate in class than do extra HW at home. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full participation. So I moved from the Rules into Class/Yes... gave some practice time... then went to Mirror. I will add the next 3 tomorrow.

Well, my class is definitely not dull and I am more happy teaching.

Good luck this year everyone.

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