Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The New Year Has Arrived!!!!

Just wanted to add some more pics from my room. Whole Brain Teaching stuff for class coming right up!

Getting a bigger pic of each rule later!

I will change this to my "Word Wall" after the first week.

We stay in groups for the year. After the first 3 weeks.

My Elmo on the cart and Smartboard is on wall to left.

I use this table to meet with students individually.

The mailbox is for students to send me a note if I cant get to it in class. The desk is where students get the "Tipoff" - Daily activity to start class.

Thinking Maps!

I am going to put a chair here and I dont know what I'm gonna use this area for. I may sleep my 7th period planning away!!!! LOL

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  1. Love your classroom posters-especially the rules. I am thinking of posting pictures of my students demonstrating the rules.