Monday, August 1, 2011

What About... WBT and Lesson Plans???

Whole Brain Teaching... 5 Step Lesson Plan

1. State the question to be answered ... "what is a noun?" "how should we line up at recess?" "what is the unit cost rule?
-- teach-okay
2. Give the answer with a gesture.
-- teach-okay
3. Expand the answer with several examples, illustrations, etc ... use teach-okay for as many micro lessons as needed ... brain toys can be used here
-- teach-okay
4. Use the Yes-No Way and then QT tests for comprehension (see the Power Pix downloads for examples) ... if 80% of your students aren't on board, go back to step 3.
5. Use the term defined in a critical thinking task ... either in a sentence frame or comparison/contrast or a brain toy
-- teach-okay
finish by putting up a sheet of typing paper with the concept defined on the wall ... or use a Power Pix ... review frequently

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