Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Looping and Team Teaching Can Save the World!!!!

I love WBT and this method solves several problems in the classroom by using micro- lectures, attention -getters, and just plain FUN! But I am concerned with the structure of our Secondary schools…

In education, the U.S. is competitive with the rest of the world in Elementary but not in Secondary education. Why? Well, I think part of the problem is the structure. With six to eight classes to manage, a student must have strong internal motivation to succeed. We know that adolescents need strong external motivation! When we have a system that allows students more choices and less control, often they underperform and fail. Adolescent students need stability, structure, accountability, relationships, and monitoring. They do not find this shifting from one classroom to the next every 53 minutes. That’s why I think looping and team teaching (Science & Math paired, English & History paired) could be beneficial to the students  and eventually save the world… J

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