Friday, June 24, 2011

In 3-5 Years... Where Will You Be?

Harry Wong wrote in his book, TheFirst Days of School, that you can have any job in education in the next 3-5 years as well as a quarter raise!

I read this page in his book just before I started teaching. It immediately stirred me to find out how… Well, he went on to justify his claim by noting that only teachers who strive for success will be rewarded.

Wong  wrote that teachers are the worst at wanting to learn! The lack of aspiration that many teachers possess paves the way for growing teachers to succeed!

Harry Wong        “ The Growing Threat”…

The greatest threat to a nongrowing teacher is a teacher who is growing. The stagnating teacher will do everything to discourage and prevent you from growing because your growth is perceived as a threat.

Do not listen to cynical, nongrowing teachers who try to tell you that you are not good unless you stay in the classroom, teaching at the same grade level, using the same textbook, worksheets, and tests.

These are the people who make fun of administrators, schools of education, workshop leaders, conventions, conferences, in-service meetings (if they go they sit in the back rows), and anything and anyone else that wants to help you grow into the great teacher and person you are destined to be.

Find yourself a mentor, a fellow colleague who will serve as your role model, someone from whom you can learn to take inspiration and who you can hold up as a symbol of the success you want to be.  --

Those words inspired me to become a teacher who grows and leads. In the coming weeks I will be posting about the methods and plans that I have used to outgrow many around me. My newest method is Whole Brain Teaching. Check it out.

By the third year as a teacher, I have become the Head of Social Studies, School Leader for SWPBIS, a presenter within my school, and a Trained Mentor for incoming teachers. I just completed my Masters in the Art of Teaching, and am interviewing next month to be accepted in the EdLeadership program.

I said all of that to say this, you can have any job in education in 3-5 years! Get excited…Oh Yeah!!!

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